Summer 2008 Trip: Day 2 – Cedar Rapids, IA

Spent the day hanging out with a couple friends from college. Betsy took me about 20 miles south of Cedar Rapids to a tourist attraction town called Amana, which was founded by German settlers in the 1850s. A brewery, a few small wineries and several small shops dominate the downtown district. Sadly, they allow cars through the downtown area, which does much to spoil the “old town” feeling they are attempting to cultivate.

After returning to Cedar Rapids and hooking up with Kevin, I called in the steak dinner he owes me and we’re now closing out a night of making plans, catching up and playing video games. In the morning, Kevin and I will hit the road for the Badlands and several other sights in South Dakota, Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse and a couple caves.

Cedar Rapids to Amana

Travel Distance: 48 miles

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