Home Sweet Home… Alaska.

This morning I signed a contract to teach high school math and social studies in the small, rural, Alaskan village of Shaktoolik. (See Google Maps: http://tinyurl.com/3el6f5 to figure out where this is.) I start on August 6th.

It’s is a dry (!!!), fly-in only village on Norton Sound with a population of about 250 people. Approximately 50 of those people are enrolled in the school with a high school population of 24. From what I understand I’ll be one of 3 high school teachers, the only single one with another 3 teachers doing elementary and special education.

Yes, there is plumbing, no I won’t be living in an igloo. I’m signing a contract for a year which will be extended next spring if both parties approve.

Before you ask, yes, they do pay very well and it will be an incredible adventure. If you’re interested in following along, bookmark the following sites and start checking them come August:

https://blog.aragirn.net (this site of course)

I’ll post more details as I get them.

2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home… Alaska.

  1. Aragirn,
    Congratulations on the job. I think it’ll be a heck of an adventure. Having worked in Bush Alaska with a major Yupik Eskimo majority, it’s almost like living in a foreign country.
    I’ll be following along as I’m still intrigued with Alaska.

    Good Luck,

  2. Hello Kyle,

    I was procrastinating about paperwork just now and I found your website. I’m the Special Ed teacher here in Shaktoolik. I’m going to be working with you in the next year so if there are any questions about things (like where you will live, teach, etc.) Please ask. I remember how it was for me to move up here so I know how you probably feel. Be at ease though. This place rocks, the people are great, the other teachers are amazing, the kids are awesome and you will be happy here. any questions drop me or Jess a line.

    Be Blessed


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