Linux on the Desktop is getting closer

Yesterday I did a fresh install of Ubuntu’s newest release, Edgy Eft on my desktop. Getting a fresh install back to the way I like it generally a long process of remembering what I actually had installed. Firing up my music player of choice, Amarok, made things a bit easier though.

I tried to play one of the songs in a playlist, only to have Amarok tell me I didn’t have the codec to play .mp3s. However, what was nice to see was an option to install it.

Much to my delight, Synaptic opened up, and proceeded to install the two packages I needed to listen to my music.

3 thoughts on “Linux on the Desktop is getting closer

  1. I was lucky that my upgrade to Edgy did not remove MP3 playing from amarok. It is awesome that they are getting closer to making mp3 install a one click fix instead of having to download a million different packages.

  2. My original upgrade went just fine; however, the IDE controller on my motherboard died and basically corrupted my install. So, once I got a new motherboard, I had to reinstall.

    I’ve never had a problem doing a dist-upgrade with Ubuntu (the install before my current one was a Hoary -> Breezy -> Dapper -> Edgy install). I’ve heard that some people are having problems, but no one I personally know has.

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