Mason, MI – Industrial Ruins

Last weekend I headed up to Mason to photograph another set of industrial ruins. This one is a favorite for the airsoft and paintball folks.

Mason, MI - Industrial Ruins-2006-1

Mason, MI - Industrial Ruins-2006-12

Mason, MI - Industrial Ruins-2006-17

Mason, MI - Industrial Ruins-2006-7

Mason, MI - Industrial Ruins-2006-22

Mason, MI - Industrial Ruins-2006-23

3 thoughts on “Mason, MI – Industrial Ruins

  1. Yo Kyle,

    Very pretty pictures (since when did this craze – for shooting ruins – start, btw?). I love the paintball and pipes snaps a lot :)


  2. I started shooting them a couple weeks after you left town. I’ve played airsoft in both the Mason and Baltick ruins. I have a couple more in mind… there’s an abandoned radar base up the Keweenaw and I’m going to try and get in contact with the people who own the smelter on the Portage and get permission to go there.

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