I’ve been home to sleep

That’s about the only time I’ve seen my apartment this past week. Work has been insane, 72 hours last week and more than 60 last week. Oh well, it will be a nice paycheck at least.

School starts on Tuesday, thank goodness it’s only a 3 day week though, so I’ll have time to recover before classes get too difficult.

I managed to snap a few pictures these past couple weeks at somepoint, I’m not sure how I found the time:

Sunset - 28 August 20062006-1

Houghton - 23 August 20062006-2

3 thoughts on “I’ve been home to sleep

  1. The lift bridge picture is amazing. Even the water looks purplish.
    The one stary light on the bridge has a cool effect against the pinkish/purplish sky.

  2. I didn’t really do much of anything with the picture. I dropped the levels a tiny bit, not much, to pull the green out of the trees and give them more of a silhouette look. No filters, either on the camera or in photoshop. I was on my way to take some pictures of a CAEL event and saw the clouds as I crossed 41.

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