DSL From Home Now

So, when I arrived home today to discover that my DSL still wasn’t working, I called at&t. 40 minutes later, I had a technician appointment and left for work, leaving my cell phone number.

Fortunately for me, I work for a company that does DSL (just not to my apartment), so I grabbed our Sunset and headed out to the dmark box outside my apartment building. Guess what: it worked.

Hoping to spare myself the expense of having at&t tell me what was wrong, I then went up to my apartment and started testing jacks, finally finding one it would sync on. After promptly calling and cancelling my appointment, Peter and I went searching for answers, and found them in the “DSL” box. Whoever was kind enough to wire the apartment had filtered all of the jacks but one. DSL obviously doesn’t work on a filtered jack.

So, after a run to Taco Bell, we fixed the wiring, labeled things and put together my internet.

Thank goodness that’s done.

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