Late Night at School

Well, it’s 7:54am and I think I just finished the rough draft of my research paper for Social Problems that is due today (and not Thursday like I thought). It’s been a long time since I’ve pulled an all-nighter and I’m able to take it as well as I used to. I’m afraid this entire week is actually going to be a long one (maybe longer than last week?). Here’s my todo list:

  • Wednesday: Lesson Plan for Techniques needs to be done
  • Thursday: Unit Plan for Techniques due
  • Friday: Supreme Court Brief over Georgia v. Randolph due
  • That leaves my presentation on the unit plan, my Social Problems exam, the final draft of my Social Problems paper and my Military History final for the following two weeks.

    All right, my bed is much needed now, hopefully I can get a couple hours before the first class that I need to go to at 11am.

    New Theme and Features

    Last night, I discovered k2 a WordPress “theme” that adds a number of additional features.

  • Live commenting via AJAX
  • Integrated asides support
  • Author comments highlighted (my comments are more noticeable)
  • LiveSearch – results returned as you type (I’m still working on getting this to work)
  • A better Archives page
  • I’ve also installed a plugin for tags, and have tagged my past entries. You can view the Archive and find a list of tags and you can click on tags in posts to view other posts tagged that way.

    I finally noticed that my last upgrade to WordPress removed my weather plugin and audioscrobbler listing from the front page. I’ve put those features back and will be working on the page templates a little more as well.

    MTU Email Transition

    Well, it’s a Saturday, and in an unprecedented move this semester, I went to work. Tech is moving its email from mbox to maildir and from UW-IMAP to Dovecot, so I’m here to answer the phones if anything goes wrong. So far, no one has called (probably because the phone number is in their email inbox, which they can’t access unless they store messages locally).

    I’ve been poking around at my inbox while sitting in my office (my subnet has had access restored for testing) and things seem to have gone well. During the transition, they’ve removed the nulls from my mbox file (created by accessing my mail in more than once place at the same time), so I recovered about 12 messages that I thought I had lost. That was nice… what wasn’t so nice was their random placement throughout my folders.

    Hopefully within the next hour, email should be accessible to everyone again and with any luck, there have been a couple minor problems in the process, but nothing the people in DCS (Distributed Computing Services) couldn’t handle. The only thing I really anticipate having to help people with is why they are seeing email from a couple years in the past (the null problem).

    If anyone at MTU is having emali problems after the transition though, they can call 487-0010 and we can take a look at it.