School’s Out For the Summer!

Well… not so much, I get a week break before summer session starts up. It’s been a pretty busy week for me, and I’ve not been getting enough sleep, but that should be rectified pretty shortly. I’m telling myself that it is going to be another gorgeous summer in Houghton.

My brother graduated yesterday and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Air Force. In the beginning of June he’ll be in Texas. It’s a long haul from Houghton, that’s for sure.

Today I’m going to get busy cleaning the house, I’d like to take my time doing it, rather than hurrying through it at the end of May.

I’ve a few summer plans, we’ll see how they pan out:

  • Re-learn Calculus.
  • Work (Resnet and probably someplace else).
  • Get As in my two classes at Tech.
  • Read a few of my history books that I’ve not had time to.
  • Catch up on my news magazines.
  • Barbeque… a lot.
  • Buy a pistol or high-end digital camera, I’m undecided.
  • 7 thoughts on “School’s Out For the Summer!

    1. I think the summer should be really nice. I’m looking forward to it at least.

      I already know your response, but I figured I’d offer anyway. Since I just took calc, it’s fresh in my mind and I’m willing to help you relearn it.

      Where else are you going to work? Won’t that be really hard with classes if you are going to be working more than 40 hours a week?

    2. You plan on buying a gun ?? Wow, should be fun – we could go on a rampage killing anybody who refuses to use linux :D If you do decide to buy a high end digital camera, be sure to talk to me (I can offer some *good* advice for free), David Otokpa ( or Mike Schupe (Studio Pizza, Downtown Houghton) – latter two are pros, unlike me….


    3. Barbequing sounds yummy. I’ll have to show you the joys of grilled fruit!

    4. Instructional Technology – ED 3100 R01
      Psych Found of Education – ED 3110 0A
      Foundations of Education – ED 3210 R01
      Clinical Experience – ED 3410 L01
      Introduction to Sociology – SS 2700 0A
      Environmental Policy/Politics – SS 3630 0A
      Intellectual Property Law – SS 3650 0A

      What about you?

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