Back from D.C.

I got back from Washington D.C. a couple hours ago… after an 11 hour drive to my parents’ house. Tomorrow I’ll head up to Houghton.

The vacation was great, Whitney and i had a ton of fun. I just want to say that everything in D.C. is absolutely huge! Things seem very close together, but that’s simply the size fooling the viewer. I can’t even imagine how many miles we walked over the few days we were there.

I didn’t have internet access while I was there… the internet access advertised by the hostel wasn’t a free wireless setup like I assumed; instead it was a few computers that cost $1 per 10 minutes of access. Tomorrow I’ll post pictures and backdate a few entries describing the trip (so, if you’re interested, you’re going to need to check the website after Sunday morning and check below this entry).

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