DC, Day 3

Oof… these long days of walking are killing me.

We started off today at the International Spy Museum, the only museum we’ve been to in D.C. that you have to pay to get into. It was really interesting and had quite a few cool toys. It’s rather hard to describe what we say there, but let’s just say that a lot of the things you say in Bond movies are real.

We headed back towards the mall after we left the spy museum and went into the National Archives to check out the Magna Carta, Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. I took a couple of pictures, though none turned out very well due to the lighting. We stopped by the food court in the basement for a snack and it was wallpapered in WWII era home-front propaganda, which I thought was quite cool.

Upon leaving the Natl. Archives, Whitney and I split up, she headed for the American Indian Museum and I went to the American History one. I got to see quite a few nifty things there, but I was hurrying through to meet back up with Whitney in a couple hours, so I didn’t spend as much time on the Polio exhibit as I should have.

As I blundered down the steps, I realized that I still had about 45 minutes, so I went to the National Air and Space Museum and went on a photography spree. Lots of cool things there, ranging from primitive airplanes to modern ones, Saturn 5 rocket booster engines and the moon lander. Quite an interesting place.

I met up with Whitney at the Gallery of Art,West building at 3… well, 3:15 because we didn’t see each other for a while. I’ve decided that my dream home will include marble. I love the way it looks and it feels so nice to walk on. We visited a sculpture garden outside on our way to Ford Theatre.

After viewing the bed in which Lincoln died, we plodded back to Chinatown, weary of all the walking we’ve done over the past few days. Rejeuvenated by dinner, Whitney picked up a bottle of Smirnoff Ice (she is a girl…) and decided to take another late night tour of the Jefferson and FDR monuments. We made it back to the hostel about 11 and I’ll soon be falling into my bed. I think I’m ready to leave though, and I’m looking forward to the drive back tomorrow.

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