Yeah, I broke it.

Last night I made an attempt at upgrading my desktop/webserver from Ubuntu’s Breezy Badger release to the current development branch, Dapper. As anyone who tried to visit my website over the past 24 hours can probably figure out, it didn’t go too well.

I was able boot back into Gnome, however my machine would no longer recognize my network card. Seeing as I didn’t have the kernel sources installed, compiling a new one was out of the question and I decided it would be quicker to reinstall than to fix whatever was broken. Unfortunately, I failed to get a listing of all the packages I had installed so I’ve had to piece things back together.

So, after a fresh Breezy install and most of tonight reconfiguring things, I have my computer most of the way back to normal. We’ll see how much I’ve forgotten in the coming days.

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