Hungarian Falls

Yesterday, Rae, Whitney and I headed out to Hungarian Falls. Our initial plans involved snowshoeing ou there, but a precipitous rise in temperature (it rose above 50) forced us to simply dig out our boots.

It was a fun trip, we attempted to find the trail to the bottom of the lower falls, but couldn’t locate it (none of us had ever gone that way before) so we headed back to the trail that would take us to the top of the lower falls. After moving to the side of the trail for a passing armada of snowmobiles, we started our hike along the cliffs.

We got to the top and found the falls flowing fairly well, probably due to all the snow that had melted and poked around a bit. We then headed up to see the middle and upper falls which are much smaller. We then started our trip back, reached the Jeep and headed to Calumet for a trip to Burger King via Lake Linden and Laurium.

I’ll leave you with a picture of Rae and Whitney. You can find the rest of the pictures on flickr.

A Tryst in the Woods

5 thoughts on “Hungarian Falls

  1. I’ve never been to Hungarian falls. I should really go sometime. I don’t know where they are though…

  2. Well, the offer to get you a map to get up there is. I’m a bit too busy to head out into the woods right now.

  3. I remember going to those falls when i was younger…we got lost i don’t think we ever actually made it but we got some great photography out of it.

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