Busy, Busy

Since I got home Sunday night, I’ve had a pretty busy week.

  • Monday: Found out that the Resnet office would be moving to a smaller office.
  • Tuesday: Packed the office and threw stuff that we didn’t need/wouldn’t fit away.
  • Wednesday: Moved the office, ran cables, partially unpack.
  • Thursday: Catch up on work, try to get things ready for the coming craziness of Orientation Week.
  • Friday: Work on the training manual, man the phones and answer email. Friday night at home involved vacuuming the house, sweeping and scrubbing the kitchen.
  • Saturday: Clean both bathrooms (disgusting!) and Kim’s fishtank. I hear rumour of a bonfire out at Gay beach tonight.
  • Tomorrow will dawm upon me while I’m sitting at the MUB waiting to pick Kim up. Apparently the MUB is the new bus stop for Houghton. I’ll help her move in and then, well… maybe I can try to relax for an afternoon.

    It’s been busy, but maybe I’ll make it.

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