Home again

Well, I’m home again. I had a great time this weekend. Happy birthday again to my dad, he turned 51 Saturday!

Friday was pretty good, I played putt-putt for the first time in what has to be at least 6 years. I’m afraid that my score looked frighteningly similar to my bowling score (89). I also went to the Neil Diamond concert, which wasn’t as bad as I feared; it still is not my type of music though. Dad enjoyed it a lot though, and that’s what matters. Also, an old aquantaince has become a new friend, and that’s always nice.

I shot my dad’s Magnum .44 a few times on Saturday, I didn’t hit anything (I’d never fired a handgun before), but it was fun. We also spent a bit of time just hanging out and watching movies.

Now, I’m back in Houghton looking forward to a long week of work getting ready for the upcoming school year. Today saw the first freshman parent enter my office trying to sort things out for his son. It looks like Wads is going to be fun again this year. I really wish that we had a better way to handle which side of the room student’s connections are put on. Also, East Wads isn’t back up from the renovation yet, hopefully it gets done before orientation week.

Future plans:

  • What to do this weekend, the last free one I have for a while?
  • Seether concert in Escanaba on the 19th?
  • 3 thoughts on “Home again

    1. There really isn’t a good solution to the Wads problem that doesn’t involve a whole lot of extra work for the already over-stretched customer service people. The way things are done are too dependant on people doing data entry, even when such data is already in a computer somewhere and printed off to be re-entered by hand. The current system sucks and it shows. There are some “programmers” down in that basement that need to start laying down some code to automate this process and stop taking long weekends. It is completely possible to come up with a really good solution given the tools we are working with. Some people down there are too concerned with other things other than serving the people that provide them their jobs, the students. It’s completely amazing how many people that work there don’t have a firm grasp on that concept. People are stupid.

    2. Actually, next year should be interesting. Since Resnet should be included in room and board, setup should be automated. That means, there likely won’t be consultants in the halls.

    3. Several things. Putt-putt??? You call it putt-putt? Weirdo. :-p

      Second: WE NEED TO GO BOWLING!!! :D I am sucky too.

      Thirdly, I like Seether too.

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