Mall of America

This weekend Kevin and I drove to his house near the Minnesota border and we took a trip to the Mall of America. Let me tell you, this place is mind-boggling huge. It’s so big that it even has repeats of some of the major chains. It’s ridiculous.

Mall of America

The mall is so huge that it even has a theme park on the inside. The rides aren’t that great, but there’s only so much you can do in an enclosed place.

There was even a LegoLand there, let me tell you, I have a new dreamjob.

Other than that, not a whole lot to tell about the weekend, lots of driving, lots of relaxing.

For an update on my life in the job realm, read this.

3 thoughts on “Mall of America

  1. MOA is fun, but when you live a half hour from it it kinda loses most of its OMGITSHUGE! feeling. Its nice to go waste a day there sometimes though, even if everything is overpriced

  2. I was there on Monday for the first time and I agree. It is huge.

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