Well, over the past couple of days, I’ve been working on getting Planet set up to aggregate all of my feeds into one massive feed.

Over the same time period though, I’ve been playing around with OS X Tiger’s Safari RSS, and I must say that I’m quite impressed. It lets you view feeds individually, or will aggregate them into one large, searchable and categorizable feed. It’s really pretty slick.

But, I digress, I ended up setting up a number of Planet feeds, a couple for MTU LUG and a couple for myself.

  • MTU LUG’s member’s blogs
  • An aggregation of all of MTU LUG’s RSS feeds
  • My own personal news feed from a large number of news sources
  • A aggregated feed of most of my friend’s blogs.
  • All in all, Planet is pretty cool… it has some rough edges, but it’s pretty easy to figure out once you realize where the templates are that the config files are pointing at. Now I just need to learn some CSS stuff so I can make it look better.

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